Nauka angielskiego

:: 2011/09/05


English Lessons Programme for the School year starting October 2011

Starting in October next month, besides offering individual lessons, we will have English

classes for groups of students with similar needs.

These groups will be offered to students from:

  • Basic to Intermediate, and Advanced levels.
  • Special groups for students, studying at Gymnasium, and Liceum levels to help with forming new vocabulary, conversation practice and assistance with school tasks.
  • Groups for Business English and University students preparing for CPE etc.
  • Group size is limited to 4 persons.

So whether you are interested in learning English for fun, or academic purposes, there is a

group suited to your needs. We would strongly urge you to start registering your interest

in the group levels you may be interested in, to help us finalize class numbers.

You can do that by simply calling Jagoda on 60 1876 861 or writing to us at this email address:

:: 2011/02/22

English Language Lessons with Native speaker and Bilingual teachers

:: Courses offered at our School ::

: Course focussed on developing communication skills.
Learn to speak confidently and easily with our personally developed method of instruction with Native Speakers. Our method is different from all other traditional methods of teaching English. In our language classes you will be speaking in English from the very first day. You will listen and answer questions, and then practice asking questions yourself as well. Speaking and listening are the keystones of this systematic approach.

Our method is highly interactive and encourages and engages students in speaking about subjects that they like, rather than something which sounds like a  boring text book. Based on the topic or subject chosen by the student, appropriate vocabulary, key words and phrases are introduced in the lesson.  This method ensures that students have a say in choosing the curriculum and explore interest areas. Within our approach of teaching language naturally, there are systematic texts and conversational phrases that need to be continually revised and committed to memory through constant and appropriate usage.

: Preparatory courses for the Cambridge ESOL
The course and preparation for the Cambridge ESOL FCE – First Certificate in English
The course and preparation for the Cambridge ESOL CAE – Certificate in Advanced English

: Specialised English course for travelers developed by World traveler Jagoda
If you are thinking of travelling to English speaking countries then this course is essential for your survival and travel pleasure. This course will prepare you for the most commonly asked questions and answers in a foreign country.

: Business and Boardroom English
If you are thinking of expanding your business interests, import- export, trading with overseas banks or other business related language; then this course is for you.
We also offer courses in specialized technical, business, medical, legal, IT and communication areas.

: Intensive Language Courses
Intensive English Language Course is characterized by daily language activities for at least 90 minutes. This course allows you to make significant progress in a short period of time, through intensive contact with the language.

: Courses for beginners and younger children
English language courses for children in the Play and Study programme are designed  to meet the needs of the youngest learners. Children learn language in a friendly atmosphere, based on a carefully selected range of teaching aids and textbooks.

: Pathways to exam success
Exam preparation courses in English in high school.
Pathways to the matriculation examination
Pathways to the Baccalaureate in English (basic and extende